1. A Texas fall evening bike ride past memorial park…


  2. Ghosts


  3. Written in a starbucks line

    Let downs
    Changes… So many changes. Big changes, and I resist and I fear and I grip onto what I know, not knowing how to let go.


  4. Current location: UT Austin James W Vick center.

    I’m scared out of my mind


  5. A little token of a lovely simcha… #alexandani #5769


  6. #Repost from @blackswanyoga —- #goodmorning



  8. We just figured out how #ACLfest works #atx


  9. My ACL Girl

    Zoe’s reaction to being around music festival people and artists; to the atmosphere of smoking, drinking, puking, getting high and wasted in general, eating gross food, hearing bad musicians scream into mics about bitches and hoes, and being assholes to each other… 

    "They make sex seem not special 

    and life seem like trash” 

    I agree. 


  10. All our squished moments. Sorry Lana fans, but being in the front was not worth it
    We were dying…then sad music made it worse :P