1. "Ain banu ma’asim- there is nothing we can do.

    We have nothing to offer each other but our broken hearts. And that will be enough…”

    -Alan Lew


  2. trying to focus… 

    where am I, where did I go, how can I find my way back, where will I end up, where would I like to be. What do I stand for, what feeds me, what is my purpose, how do I move through the world. What shall be…



  4. I am overwhelmed with emotion today 

    I am feeling broken hearted since this morning 

    nothing is wrong per se, but everything is changing. everyday. and I fear, I worry, I am getting lost. I don’t want to get lost. This age old idea is swallowing me up and I am so unconscious of it, my being just sinks easily into the tide of it all. 

    i fought so hard to realize a dream, I fought so hard for the souls of my kids, i fought to keep together the best of what i thought they needed and help my husband. I fought for the love I once felt by his side, in those brief moments of our past histories together. Today I finally realized it was worth the fight. finally after so many years do I get to be in a relationship I am enjoying. for the first time in such a really very long time, besides the beautiful relationships I have with my kids. 

    of course I am emotional. of course my heart is breaking. Of course everything I have ever created and known in order to survive is tumbling down in it’s preparation to let this newness in and rebuild. I am broken, I am so incredibly humbled. 

    everything is so unbelievable right now, i don’t even have the words. 



  6. Life passes too quickly, and unenjoyable circumstances get in the way too often. 

    An adjustment needs to now happen. I want the rest of my children’s years to be something I can enjoy more. 



  8. His element, found


  9. Before the table caught a little fire…


  10. Vulnerability is the new handsome…