1. …”Grace met us right there. It meets you right where it finds you, but it does not leave you where it found you. It moves you toward breath; moves you towards things being a little bit better: wow. Grace WD-40. Grace is water wings. Grace makes you shake your head with wonder, and laugh and cry.

    I said to the doctor, “This is your lucky day. I just had 28 years clean and sober. I am your daughter’s new BFF.” Now the daughter is in rehab, but the big story is that the doctor is in a rehab program for the families of alcoholics, who tend to have TINY psychotic control issues. I said to him, “Get off this poor girl’s back. Your help is not helpful, except to help keep everyone sick. This is HER hero journey: you don’t get to run beside her with juice boxes, Chapstick, and your control freak ways. If your help was helpful, she would not be in jail.”

    This had never occurred to the doctor, that he had a disease of Good Ideas for Other People.”

    excerpt form Anne Lamot 


  2. My new mantra, to release me from “A disease of Good Ideas for Other People.”

    ok great mother of the universe, you deal with this, I can’t do it.


  3. If we are believing in the self that’s on the way, that stops us from living in this dynamic beingness

    -Tara Brach 


  4. I want to love slow 
    Love in the moment 
    Be present 

    My heart wants happiness 
    And sweet tender love 
    My heart wants self acceptance 
    And heart presence in each moment 


  5. Moments
    Small vanishing moments in time that never have the courtesy enough to stay around and let me get to know them


  6. I thought we had it all

    And it all went so far away 


  7. "Ain banu ma’asim- there is nothing we can do.

    We have nothing to offer each other but our broken hearts. And that will be enough…”

    -Alan Lew


  8. trying to focus… 

    where am I, where did I go, how can I find my way back, where will I end up, where would I like to be. What do I stand for, what feeds me, what is my purpose, how do I move through the world. What shall be…



  10. I am overwhelmed with emotion today 

    I am feeling broken hearted since this morning 

    nothing is wrong per se, but everything is changing. everyday. and I fear, I worry, I am getting lost. I don’t want to get lost. This age old idea is swallowing me up and I am so unconscious of it, my being just sinks easily into the tide of it all. 

    i fought so hard to realize a dream, I fought so hard for the souls of my kids, i fought to keep together the best of what i thought they needed and help my husband. I fought for the love I once felt by his side, in those brief moments of our past histories together. Today I finally realized it was worth the fight. finally after so many years do I get to be in a relationship I am enjoying. for the first time in such a really very long time, besides the beautiful relationships I have with my kids. 

    of course I am emotional. of course my heart is breaking. Of course everything I have ever created and known in order to survive is tumbling down in it’s preparation to let this newness in and rebuild. I am broken, I am so incredibly humbled. 

    everything is so unbelievable right now, i don’t even have the words.