3. I drove the kids to school this morning thinking of all the things we got to experience together. rather shocked I wouldn’t be spending the whole day with them again, kinda wanting to drive off to Enchanted Rock and just hike together all day. I looked over at Shelemyah with a new found vision. She could. In all things, she can.


  4. Someone invested in our family,…

    They believed in us. For a moment they understood. They helped remind us that what we do and what we did during a war matters to others, that sacrafice is recognized. They reminded us that we didn’t make a mistake. They reaffirmed that hope delivers and possibilty is wide open. They saw it quite worthy to use their resources to remind us we are not forgotten and that we deserve to feel good. Someone invested in us and lifted us up. 



  6. OH: “I feel like I’m on Tumblr”



  8. Sheme throwing herself into the mix as usual, and having a blast #purim #5774


  9. What a beautiful and lovely shabbat is was….