1. "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." ~ Martin Luther King



  3. not sure I’ll ever be ready, it’s hard no matter what 


  4. Even more nervous than an hour ago. What was I thinking?! Is it really time? What if it’s too soon.., what if later is too late


  5. Writing my own Torah…


  6. So nervous. Apprehensive. Ready to move forward but curious why I’m not doubting it more. Shouldn’t I be more concerned and against this future?

    The mind is interesting, my soul however flows…


  7. A day of sealing and hoping… This shabbat is a special one.


  8. Day 117

    Last Shabbat alone…


  9. christopherpoindexter:

    Hey you there,
    this, this is for you. I don’t care what your appearance is. You are not that at all. You are soul. And soul is you.
    Today is #selflove day. As will be tomorrow and the days to come. You guys ready for it? #tag #selflove In every photo you take of yourself. It is time to be mad for each other and most importantly, ourselves. “The Universe and Her, and I #275” for sale on Etsy as well. Link to buy in bio.


  10. Shabbat shalom